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Summer 1

Desert Dreams



In response to investigating  a mix of clues from or about Arizona, the children will use their geographical skills to find out more about the area. Using maps, atlases and information available online the children will be able to talk or write about physical characteristics (weather, rocks and soil) of the Grand Canyon and generate ideas about how this has influenced human settlement and activity over time. Writing explanation texts will be a focus. The whole topic will culminate in the children presenting their new knowledge in an exhibition.



The children were given a range of pictures of Arizona as well as the people and traditional items from the area.  In groups they had to apply their geographical skills to decide where in the world we would be studying.

We used our geography skills and knowledge of the world to help us identify we were studying the amazing Arizona.

We started this project by looking at a variety of maps in order to locate Arizona and some of its main features. Geographers study lots of different biomes and Arizona has a wide variety of them. We did research online on what these biomes are like and recorded our findings in a non-chronological report.

Arizona is known as the desert state but did you know that you can get hot and cold deserts. This unusual biome needed further study so we found out about the different types of desert and how some of the plants and animals have adapted to survive in these extreme environments. We presented this information as a leaflet.

The Grand Canyon is an amazing place and as geographers we wanted to find out how this magnificent site was formed. We then wrote an explanation of our findings.

We used everything we have learnt about Arizona to create interactive display posters. We made videos and used photographs of our work which we linked to QR codes so people can find out all about Arizona.