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Summer 1 - Ready Steady Grow!

Ready Steady Grow!

This half term we are exploring the natural world around us.


Rationale: The children are determined to help improve our garden in time for the Jubilee Tea Party. They will use the seeds to grow a mixture of plants and come up with imaginative ideas on how to transform our outdoor space. Together we will nurture a love of nature and the outdoors. They will also explore changes in the natural world through different stimuluses. They will begin to understand how seeds grow and spend time looking after their plants... and finally help put on the best Jubilee Tea Party ever!


Hook: Over the holidays there has been an exciting delivery of seeds and garden materials. A note tells us that in a few weeks there will be a school Tea Party to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. It asks us to transform our garden ready for the Tea Party.

Creating our garden

We looked at the seeds we have been given and spoke about the different times they should be planted and whether they would grow better indoors or outdoors. We used the book 'Grandpa's Garden' to see how we could plan our garden. We drew our own garden plans and labelled them so that we know where to plant everything.

We thought about other features in a garden and looked at different sculptures and decorations. We designed sculptures and talked about what materials they would be made out of.

We were inspired to make own our sculptures outside out of rocks, petals, wood, magnetic ropes and even tyres!

Our role play has been transformed into a garden centre so that we can buy the supplies we need to plant seeds and grow plants.

We planted potatoes and tomato seeds into pots.


We have learnt about planting seeds and how to look after them. We worked in pairs to plant a row of seeds in our vegetable beds. We are going to watch them to see how they grow.

We found tadpoles in the pond and are excited to observe how they change!

During snack time we started noticing that our fruit has seeds and knew that this was so that more fruit can be grown. We investigated different fruits to find the seeds.

We have also been interested in bees and explored some old bees, a full honeycomb and an empty honeycomb. The smell of honey was delicious!

We read the book 'Anywhere Farm' and wrote instructions for planting seeds.