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Summer 1

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!


The insects in the school grounds are unhappy and feel neglected so the children will set to work to find out more about the creatures that could live around our school. They will investigate and research a range of insects, life cycles, food chains and micro habitats. The children will use a variety of written ways to covey the information they discover. They will watch animals develop in the classroom such as worms and butterflies. Finally realising that they need to upgrade and revamp the “Bug Hotel” and provide more interesting and suitable places for the insects to live.

We're going on a mini beast hunt! We collected our samples extremely carefully for observation later on.

We became scientists! We had to look carefully at our samples, draw them accurately and label them neatly

We came up with ideas to please the bugs in the garden!

We looked at pictures of mini beasts and their body parts and we tried to recreate them using pipe cleaners... it was very fiddly! Can you guess which mini beasts we made in the final picture?

Today we sorted books in to fiction and non-fiction books - we looked at the titles, the front cover, the blurb and sometimes we had to look inside to decide too!

Today, we found out that we will be writing our own non fiction piece of writing to show the bugs are we are learning. Today, we gathered adjectives to describe different insects and decided which were the most effective.

We became scientists to explore the body parts of insects. We used magnifying glasses to identify different body parts on real insects!

We used a magnifying glass to explore the body parts of a wasp. We have been really focusing on our learning value of spirituality this week and we had some real awe and wonder moments! 'Look at its stinger! 'Wow! It has really big eyes!' 'how does it carry that stinger around?!'

In preparation for writing our information page about out insects, we began to explore what makes an eye-catching and interesting page... we explored: bold and catchy title (maybe using alliteration!), did you know boxes, wow facts, true facts and amazing pictures!