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Spring 2021

Marvellous Maps

Spring 2



Following the challenge from Mrs Smith/Mrs Miles to prove the article wrong, the children will start to become familiar with maps. They will look at a birds eye view, make small scale maps, read, locate and label maps of the local area, the UK and the World. They will investigate stories with maps and become familiar with how maps are used in different ways. Writing directions in the form of instructions to help people get from one place to another. Symbols, keys and compass directions will all be used to gain deeper knowledge of maps and the school grounds. Orienteering skills will be practised and then put to good use in designing a route for the YrR children, in order to share our new found knowledge.


A selection of maps, local and UK, plus a variety of photographs are on display in the classroom. Children are allowed time to look at these and try to work out why they are here. Explain to the children that during the holidays, there was an article in the newspaper which said that “Most children nowadays have very little knowledge of their local area or how to read a map!” Liking a challenge Mrs Smith and Mrs Miles decided that St Mark’s children would not be put into this category and so we are going to find out as much as we can, to prove that we can read maps and have a good knowledge of our surroundings.

Outdoor Treasure Hunt - following instructions about the number of objects we had to find. Everything had to fit inside our open cube which we all made using a net!

Making maps!

Designing our "Barefoot Maps" was so much fun. First we had to draw around each others foot. Then we decided together a list of features to add to our map. We found out about how to make a simple key and add that to our maps too!!

We have shared "Henry's Map" by David Elliot - we love this book! We thought Henry needed a little bit of help with map making so we designed a really detailed map of the farm for him.

We have started orienteering! First we had to learn how to orientate a simple map and find places on it.

We really enjoyed sharing "Once Upon a Map Book" by B.G Hennessy. Our own maps showed great detailed and we loved creating story maps for the traditional tales we know! Plus it was World Book Day so our costumes made it even more fun!!!

Next step of orienteering! We had so much today learning to use the flags and clippers!

Year 1/2 received this message from Bob the Alien asking for help with directions to our classroom! We can't wait to find out what the surprise is! We have started writing the directions and will send them to him tomorrow!!

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We started by walking the route and making notes on our white boards!

Instructions to Bob and the wonderful surprise he left for us!!

We have found out what the symbols mean on an OS map. Symbols have to be the same on all maps so that people know what they mean. First we played a matching game and then we spent time finding lots of different symbols.

Our final orienteering task! We are expert map readers now!!

Learning about compass points!

For the Outcome of our project we used our orienteering skills and planned an Easter themed treasure hunt for the Year R children. We loved making it and they loved doing it!

Treasure Hunt for YrR!

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Year R enjoying the orienteering style treasure hunt!