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Spring 2 Who Wins? You decide!


In response to excavation of the Roman artefacts, children will learn about the Roman Empire and its effect and legacy on Britain. The children will gain an understanding of the role Rome had over Britain and its influence on the modern day. Through learning about how the Romans were able to rule such a large Empire, the children will consider the life of a Roman soldier in Britain by exploring letters written home by soldiers from Hadrian ’s Wall and composing their own. Through exploring the Roman ruling and justice systems, children will begin to understand how our country is run today. Through role play and narrative writing, the children will then recreate one of the significant battles between the Roman army and the Celts to understand the power and influence of significant people of this period in history. They will then understand why the Roman Empire ceased in Britain and the influence and legacy the left behind.

Our archeological dig was really exciting. We explored primary and secondary sources of evidence to find clues about the period of history we are learning about in this project.

Mrs Dear challenged us to create a timeline, from when the world began (the big bang) to present day. We had to match dates, events and pictures. We learnt a lot - it was definitely a challenge!

For our homework we chose an aspect of Celtic life to research and present as a poster. We had a great time sharing these with each other and learning some more information about the Celts.

We looked at the main events which led to Boudicca's revolt. We worked as a team to order these. Next we reflected on whether these were positive or negative events for Boudicca and created our own living graph.

This week we have been busy writing speeches to persuade the Celtic tribes to join Boudicca in her revolt. We then found out what happened in the final battle of Watling Street. Here our some of our story boards showing the main events.

The children have had an amazing time re-enacting the Battle of Watling Street to show their understanding of the events in the battle which led to the final defeat of Boudicca and her Celtic warrior war-host! The outstanding shields and weapons, produced as home learning, helped the children really get into their characters!

For home learning the children have gone above and beyond with their creativity to produce their shield and weapons. What great family efforts - well done!