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Spring 2 2022 - The Voyage of the Beagle

What was this creature? This is what we asked Year 5/6 to kick-off this project.


It is a megaconus, the earliest known common ancestor of all mammals on Earth. But how did this small creature lead to giraffes, whales, dogs, mice, elephants, duck-billed platypuses and even humans? Whose ideas led to our understanding of how these amazing changes happened? Who was it who formulated theories of adaptation and evolution that have formed the basis of our understanding of animal life on this planet?

We studied Darwin's life, writing biographies of his life

and diary entries based on Darwin's time on HMS Beagle.

We also conducted experiments based on Darwin's observations of finches' beaks on the Galapagos Islands to deduce which shaped beaks would be best to eat specific types of food.

And, of course, Year 5/6 used their home learning to demonstrate their wider understanding of the whole topic.