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Spring 2 2020 Austin's Adventure

Austin and his Really BIG Adventure!

Spring 2





Austin has disappeared! He has taken himself off on holiday (in his hot air balloon) to visit his family in Borneo. The children are inspired to find out about Borneo and receive photos and messages from Austin to help their search.  Austin then announces that he now wants to explore the world! The children follow Austin on his really big adventure and discover a wealth of information about each country he visits: carefully selected by the interests and family history of the children. Together we notice the similarities and differences with the flora, fauna, weather, houses, food and cultures of each country and celebrate Austin's return with a welcome home exhibition of his travels!



Austin's note...

Hook: We found a letter from Austin explaining that he wanted to go back to Borneo to see his family. We find out where Austin is on a world map and start our own journey of discovery with him.   

Finding out about Borneo...

We have been finding out about Austin's home in Borneo. We have used different ways to find out information. We have looked on the maps on the internet and zoomed into different areas in Borneo to see what it looked like. We noticed how different it was to Farnborough! We found out that Austin lives in a rainforest! We also used non-fiction books and world maps to find out about the animals, houses and food. As we explored we started to think of some questions of what we would like to find out. We wrote these down and will be finding out the answers next week. We listened to some traditional Malaysian music and played along with some instruments of our own. We all thought that the music was really lovely and we also thought their costumes were bright and colourful too.

Austin travels to India...

Exploring India 

We have been exploring India with Austin. He first went to Sri Lanka and then travelled onto the mainland for a train journey. We have found out about the animals. Austin has seen elephants and tigers! We have found out about the food- curries and tea. We looked at tea plantations and found out how they made a tea bag! We looked at famous buildings and cities, beaches and mountains. We saw lots of temples and beautiful statues and carvings. We loved listening to the Indian music and had a go at some traditional dancing too. We thought their clothes were beautiful too. We all loved exploring India!

Imaginary Journeys...

Creative Reception

Reception have immersed themselves into this project and everywhere you look you can see adventures in progress! They have made their own trains, planes and boats using the boxes etc and made sure they fix them when they go wrong - great safety checks everyone! Some great junk modelling too which has required them to work in a pair and create a vehicle for Austin to travel in. The travel agents has proved very popular, especially with the teachers who have requested some rather elaborate journeys to go on! The Beebot has been sent around the world map and they have been trying to estimate how many steps forward to reach a certain country. There have been lots of stories written and Reception especially enjoyed going on Project X type stories where they shrank to micro-size! Phew - what a busy lot!

Painting Elephants with watercolours...

Austin's really big adventure continues...

Austin continues to travel and send us messages and photos. He has travelled through Africa, Serbia, Czech Republic and Iceland! Reception were amazed by the scenery in Africa and we explored Tanzania together, zooming in to see what the cities, towns and villages looked like. They loved all the different animals and enjoyed listening and dancing to the African music. We also played our own African instruments and learnt an African song. We started to make some African sunset pictures which we will finish when we return to school. Reception have been amazing with continuing Austin's adventure at home and have been finding out about the different countries with their families. Well done Reception - you are all my little Super Stars!


Learning continuing at home...

Austin arrives back in England!

We were all excited to hear that Austin has arrived back to school and he shared some photos of himself playing in Reception's classroom! Now that he is back we can plan out adventure to the moon (which Reception had planned for our project outcome!). Now that we are all learning at home we decided we could build our own rockets, make our own picnics, gather our favourite toys and launch all together, virtually! Mrs Miles put a video on tapestry for us all to play at 12 o'clock and we all counted down together and blasted off to the moon! Even Austin was able to join us!!


Making our rockets...

And finally...our moon picnics! What a really big adventure Reception!