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Spring 2!

Happy Holidays!

Spring 2 2022

Geography, English and Computing

Thinking and Spirituality



Following the flight to Auckland, New Zealand, the children will try to answer the question. They will then start an enquiry, investigating New Zealand as a holiday destination. Why is New Zealand a good place for a “Happy Holiday”? They will build their geographical knowledge of New Zealand, looking at its location, physical and human features and truly diversity environment. The children will explain their findings in reports and comparisons. Exploring the Maori myths and legends will lead to creative writing and an insight deeper into the New Zealand way of life. Computing skills will also be put to work in presenting group powerpoints. Once we return from our travels we will have enough information from our findings to make a presentation about New Zealand as a holiday destination.



Does New Zealand make a good location for a “Happy Holiday”? The children will arrive at school to find this question displayed and passports ready for their flight to New Zealand. The hall will be set up as an airport and the children will need to board the plane using their ticket, going through passport control. They will then watch a video of the flight and follow their journey on an interactive map. They will land in Auckland ready to find out about New Zealand as a holiday destination.



We're off on holiday! We made passports, were given boarding passes, had to find our seats and then took our flight (described by our captain) all the way to New Zealand!

Where is New Zealand?

What might we see in New Zealand. We became real geographers today and discovered what the difference between human and physical features was... then we sorted the human and physical features of New Zealand into groups.

Exploring Auckland, comparing it to Farnborough and writing postcards home!

Exploring two very different capital cities - Wellington and London!

Visiting the Whakarewarewa Valley Living Village - look what we found out about the geothermals!

Volcano excitement! New Zealand has volcanoes because it is in the "Ring of Fire" which surrounds the Pacific Ocean. The Taupo Volcano is a supervolcano!

Making a volcano!!!!!

Still image for this video