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Spring 1

SOS Titanic

Spring 1 2022

History, English and Art

Thinking and Creativity

Rationale: The children will be transported back in time to the world of the Titanic. Through investigation and handling artefacts they will find out about the great cruise liner and its fateful journey. In addition they will be introduced to the idea of cause and consequence and the changes to life at sea that occurred as a result of the sinking. Using this information they will create their own radio broadcast/film about the Titanic where listeners/viewers will get a taste of life on board, an insight into the events and feelings of the survivors.

Hook: A set of “clues” are left in the classroom for them to discover what our new project is about. There’s a ticket, an old newspaper, quotes, photographs, books, a model and an old suitcase, full of interesting artefacts. Allow the children in their groups to read and explore the resources. What is this all about? After gathering suggestions, watch a short clip describing the events of the Titanic. Take turns dressing up in the clothes and come up with 5 questions they want to ask about the ship and the people who travelled on her.

We looked at a cross section of the Titanic - look at all of the different parts! Did you know that the ship was designed so that the first class passengers didn't come across third class passengers!

We became artists, looking closely at the details of the ship. We explored the difference between drawing pencils and art pencils and experimented with light and dark marks to really show the details of the Titanic. We then began to think about how people may have felt boarding the Titanic and arriving in Southampton and seeing it for the first time...

When being historians, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of the people in the past. We began to think about the different people who boarded the Titanic and how they may have felt and why. There were lots of feelings: proud, excited, nervous and even sad.

We talked about the fact that the Titanic happened over 100 years ago! This is very hard to imagine! Then, we began to learn about the order of events on that fateful night. This is so important to help us plan and create our radio broadcast for our outcome!

Who was on the Titanic? As historians, we explored the Titanic passenger log to find out about some first and third class passengers but also crew!

What did first class passengers do on the Titanic? We read the book Polar the Titanic Bear to find out - it is a true story!

We then explored adding detail to our sentences by extending using conjunctions