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Spring 1 2022 - The Book Thieves!

Awful news! The Schools Library Service has written to us to tell us that, due to budgetary constraints partially caused by Covid, they will be cutting the amount of money they will be spending on books in all Hampshire Schools by 25%! This is disastrous news for our pupils, who love reading. 


Never fear, though, because Year 5/6 have a plan - they will be writing their own selection of stories to replace the books we will be losing. These will be presented to other Year groups in the school at the end of the half-term.

During the course of this project, we researched the types of books that our fellow pupils enjoy reading and would like to see in the library before writing some of these types of text. We also wrote author biographies and, best of all, we wrote stories with a moral based on the style of the Mr Men and Little Misses stories written by the late, great Roger Hargreaves which we shared with Year R.


Author biographies:

Little Miss and Mr Men stories: