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Spring 1 2020 Once Upon a Time

Spring 1  2020

Once Upon a Time


A new puppet theatre and richly written stories, from high quality authors and illustrators, will inspire the children to retell, recreate and act out their own versions of the stories. They will be introduced to story components and become familiar with story language and structure. They will learn new techniques to construct a variety of puppets and scenery and work collaboratively to perform a puppet show!

This morning a very mysterious object magically appeared in our classroom with a sign saying, 'Please do not touch!' We were very puzzled and tried to guess what it might be...a robot?...a rocket?...a temple? Then Mrs Stocchetti walked in and explained that she had spoken with Father Christmas's elves and asked them if they could make a special something for some very special children...they said, 'Of course!' Mrs Stocchetti and Miss Day slowly pulled off the covers to reveal a beautiful and very special puppet theatre! What a treat! Wow! The children were so excited and started to talk about what they could do...after much discussion we decided that we would put on a puppet show for Mrs Stocchetti and all our grown ups! Invitations to follow soon...
We have had lots of fun using the puppets to put on shows for our friends. The puppet theatre has created lots of opportunities and we have been rather busy. We have tried to make up stories to tell with our puppets and have put on voices to make our friends laugh. We have had a go at making our own puppets and have thought of lots of different ways to do this. We had super ideas of folding over the paper to make it strong and form a stick for our puppet. We have been finding out which materials are best for making puppets as we found the paper on its own was rather floppy! We decided to make tickets for our shows and arranged chairs for the audience. We have also started to think of what we could do for our big puppet show to all our grown ups and there have been requests for lighting, popcorn and music! Well done Reception! You have shown that you are all very clever thinkers and it's been wonderful to see you all share your ideas with each other.

Creative Chameleons!

We all decided that one of our puppet shows would be Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have been learning to retell the story and use different voices to entertain our audience! For this show we have all had a go at making a 'stick' puppet of either Goldilocks or one of the three bears. We drew a design first and then copied it onto card so that our puppet would be strong. We have also been building the three bears cottage using different equipment like lego, bricks and even magnetic shapes. We have listened to lots of different versions of the story including one where the three bears get revenge! We now know the story really well and had a go at creating our own story map and added our own writing!...

Look at our stick puppets!

Trying porridge...yum!

Home Learning Stick Puppets!

Acting out the story of The Three Little Pigs!

Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!

Sewing Glove Puppets

Getting ready for our Puppet Show!

Reception's Puppet Show!