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Spr 1 2020 SOS Titanic

SOS Titanic

Spring 1 2020

History, English and Art

Thinking and Creativity


The children will be transported back in time to the world of the Titanic. Through investigation and handling artefacts they will find out about the great cruise liner and its fateful journey. In addition they will be introduced to the idea of cause and consequence and the changes to life at sea that occurred as a result of the sinking. Using this information they will create their own radio broadcast about the Titanic where listeners will get a taste of life on board, an insight into the events and feelings of the survivors.


A set of “clues” are left in the classroom for them to discover what our new topic is about. There’s a ticket, an old newspaper, quotes, photographs, books, a model and an old suitcase, full of interesting artefacts. Allow the children in their groups to read and explore the resources. What is this all about? After gathering suggestions, watch a short clip describing the events of the Titanic. Allow each group to build their model, take turns dressing up in the clothes and come up with 5 questions they want to ask about the ship and the people who travelled on her.

Great excitement as our new project is revealed!

Models made and fascinating questions created. Wow Year 1/2 you are VERY enthusiastic about SOS Titanic!

What happened when - the Titanic Timeline! We were amazed at how quickly the ship sank after it hit the iceberg.

Line drawings using different drawing pencils to achieve detail sketches of the Titanic.

Exploring people on board the Titanic and imagining how they must have felt starting their journey. We looked at Captain Smith, Annie and John Sage, Madeline Aster, Robert Allan and Thomas Andrews.

We have been looking at the class system on the Titanic. We imagined being one of the characters and thought about what they would pack. We tried on some of the outfits to help us.

The children were very excited to receive their Home Learning! There was a random draw to see which part of the ship their golden ticket contained. Shoe box rooms will be made for the Captain's bridge, through out 1st, 2nd and 3rd class areas, the grand staircase and even the swimming pool makes an appearance. We can't wait to see the finished rooms!

Investigating Floating and Sinking. We carried out lots of tests to see if we could work out what happened to different objects in the water. Some objects floated but sank when they were filled with water. We could see how the objects got lower in the water as we carefully added more water to them. We used a triangular method to plan our investigation and came up with some great ways of recording our findings!!

SOS Titanic Outcome - The children's amazing home learning was made into a fabulous Titanic display and the whole school gathered to listen to their radio broadcast. Well done Year 1/2 you have learnt so much during this project, your historical knowledge is incredible!

Radio Broadcast - coming soon!!!!!