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Spectacular Sound Science Week

We decided to start year 3 and 4 fine tuning our super science skills.  We learnt what a scientist needs to be able to do then carried out various investigations to further our understanding of sound.  We had great fun playing instruments, making telephones and using a decibel metre.

We investigated how sound was made and found out all about vibrations.

We learnt how to make a string telephone and from this came up with possible challenging questions we could investigate. In a group we carried out a fair test to see how to make the ultimate string telephone.

We enjoyed reading 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. We went around the school on a sound walk and used these to create our own sound poem.

We also investigated how we could change the volume and pitch of our own instruments. I hope you enjoyed the super flute straws we made!

We used all of our knowledge of sound to create a non-chronological report.

We then used a decibel meter to measure the sound around the school. We hoped that the year 3/4 classroom wasn't going to be the loudest!