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Snuggle Up Autumn 2


The children have a visit from an author, Mr Calvert. All the staff were so excited about this happening they come to read stories to them, inspiring them to host their own story telling session. Through exploring twisted traditional fairy tales, children will learn how to write and tell gripping stories and humorous poetry. They will then have the opportunity to create their own bedtime story book called Snuggle Up which will be launched at our very own storytelling and poetry evening. To create illustrations to accompany their stories, children will learn to refine and extend their mastery of use of pencil and charcoal drawings. The children will also wow their audience at their Snuggle Up evening, with their performance poetry. To help them to perform they will explore and learn about how to use body percussion, percussion instruments and vocal layering to enhance their poems. 



Mr Calvert, a published children’s author, comes to visit to read his book and tell us all about being an author and the process he goes through in making a book. He talks about the books he has coming up and what inspires his stories.

The teachers hear about the author visit and each come in turn to read their favourite story to the class.  They listen to professional story tellers online.  All of these stories inspire us to have a story telling evening.

The children had a fabulous day today. We had staff come and read their favourite bed time stories. Lots of these had become their favourite because they enjoyed reading them to their own children at bedtime. In the afternoon, Mr Calvert came to share his books. We even got a sneak preview of his next book before it gets published. We can't wait for it to be in the book shops. The children had lots of questions and were very inspired to write our own St Mark's book.

We were so inspired by all the stories and author visit yesterday, we decided to look at some fairy tales because these will help us write our own bedtime story. We read and watched lots of wolf fairy tales: Little Red Riding Hood; The Wolf and the Seven Goats; The Three Little Pigs. We made comparisons between these stories and then looked further at the wolf character. We used word mats and thesauruses to think of powerful adjectives which would effectively describe the wolf's personality.

We have been practicing our skills as an illustrator. We learnt about how to show tones using different sketching pencils then experimented with creating texture by shading.

We have decided to write our own version of fairy tales so we looked at how to draw a wolf. We thought about shading to create texture.

We have been thinking about the characters in fairy tales, in particular the wolf. We have thought of super adjectives to describe his character. We then wrote character and setting descriptions.

We have been looking at perspective in art this week. We have used a vanishing point to help us draw the fairy tale cottages.

We have also looked at proportions of the body to help us draw a person to scale.

Here are videos of our Performance Poems - which we learnt by heart to perform out loud.

Annabelle, Arthur, Can, Daniel DM, Daniel J, Aisha.mp4

Still image for this video