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Snuggle Up! Autumn 2 2019

Autumn 2 2019





In this unit, Year 3 and 4 will be writing their own Fairy Tales, using many well-known traditional- and fairy-tales as inspiration - however, our pupils' challenge will be to add a 'twist' to each story to impress their characters on these well-known stories. They will be sharing these stories with their parents at our end-of-term outcome, a Snuggle Up evening in the school hall, where they will also be demonstrating their skills as performance poets.


Hook: We all shared fairy stories in the library. As we read, them we looked for common themes and characteristics between them.

We began discussing and planning our ideas, thinking about characters' feelings, how the 'hero' and 'villain' would be described and where the twist would go in the story. We wrote our stories over a series of lessons, re-reading and re-drafting our ideas to ensure that they were as brilliant as possible.

While we were writing our twisted fairy tales, we were also thinking about how we would illustrate our stories. We used charcoal to create our internal illustrations and water colours for our cover illustrations. 


You can see our completed stories below:

Our outcome evening was an incredibly enjoyable event, with parents and pupils sharing their fabulous stories and artwork over a hot chocolate - with marshmallows! Some children (and former pupils and grown ups!) performed their favourite poems and made us all smile. There was a wonderful community feeling throughout. Thank you to everyone who attended.