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Secret Garden


The children looked at current photos of our school garden, and went out to explore it. They then were presented with photos of beautiful, well maintained gardens and discussed how the gardens made them feel and which they preferred and why.

They decided that our school garden needs improving - and that we should theme it around the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Scientifically observing plants:

We carefully observed a range of plant specimens, from Mrs. Dear's garden, in order to identify the features of plants, and how they are the same but different!

We were amazed at how different plants could be but recognised that they all have roots, stems and leaves and some have flowers.

We became more skilled at looking very closely and carefully, had in depth discussions, asked questions and learnt a lot of knowledge about plants, even in our first science lesson!

Art: Observational drawing of real life plants

We continued our skills of close observation to create line drawings of the plant specimens. We had to look really carefully - counting the number of leaves; noticing how the stems were growing; looking at the arrangements of the leaves; identifying subtle differences in colour.

We had to make sure we were drawing exactly what we saw - and not what we 'expected' to see. 


We then labelled the features of the plant, and what we had noticed. We are very proud of our plant drawings.

Repotting some pot bound plants:

Mrs Dear bought in some plants for us to add to our school garden. Some of them were very unhealthy (we discussed how we knew and why this might be) and we are hoping to revive them.

We learnt a lot more about roots, and what it means for a plant to be pot bound.

We then carefully planted them in the tyres.


One of the "big" jobs we must do is weed the garden. We learnt what is meant by the term 'weed' and Mrs. Dear helped us identify which plants were weeds and which we should keep. We loved finding all the Lambs Ear and identified Borage. We learnt that we have to make sure we get the roots out, and that the tiny weed seedlings can be pinched out.

We have a lot to do!