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Sayers Croft 2019

Day 1

We have arrived safely! 5 minutes in and we’re already on the adventure playground having fun. We’re all excited for what adventures we face around the corner. 

This is the beginning of our exciting day and we will send an update later!  (Written by Ellie)


Update by the boys:


It’s been 42 minutes since we’ve eaten (it was perfecto!) and we’re now getting ready for orienteering and we’re looking forward to it!! Girls are still sorting themselves out (but we are all organised!) 

The Boys. 



Update from the girls


Lunch was scrummy we’re all ready first for orienteering! 

We’re having so much fun we don’t want to leave! We think we’re very tidy!

The Girls 😁


Day 1 brought lots of fun and excitement! See below the pictures of the activities we did today: Orienteering, Wood Compass (we had to use compasses to navigate through the woods!), the Blindfold challenge and the maze. We found this the blindfold challenge very difficult but we all did it! 


After dinner we went on a night walk to a Celtic Roundhouse and listened to stories from long ago. Antony dressed up as a Celt and Lilliane was a Roman soldier!


We then came back for hot chocolate we are now ready for bed. Goodnight to you all! ZZZzzzz

We have all come to the conclusion that today has been the BEST first day ever!

Check back tomorrow for updates from Day 2!

(Written by Rowan, Lydia and Jade)

Day 2

Oh Parents...have we had a wet day! We split into groups and while one group was busy building shelters, the other were building and testing rafts.

After a scrummy lunch, we went to do rock climbing and ropes . During this, the rain decided to POUR down on us! Afterwards we rested in our dormitories before dinner...curry with sticky toffee pudding! The day has been great so far and we can't wait for the rest of the week. 

(Written by Liliane, Connie, Isla and Alexia)



Day 3


So far today has been great and soggy as we walked for 20 minutes to Cobblers Brook. After we put on our wellies, we got into the stream after a short demonstration from Tom (our instructor). 


We we have just had lunch and now we are getting ready for four figure coordinates, at 2.30pm we are having a shelter building competition and then dinner!! 


Check back for updates and more photos later. 

(Written by Steven, Nathan, Joshua, Antony and Tom W)


We tried to update this blog last night but due to ‘technical errors’ I would not load! 


So here is the continuation of day 3... after lunch we explored the Sayers Croft site using four figure coordinates. We then went off into the woods for a Shelter building challenge and split into teams to create shelters using all of the school values. We then had to try to sell them to the teachers! (They liked the one with free WiFi and sustainably resourced wood. 


After dinner we played giant games and then hot chocolate and bed!! ZZZzzz

Day 4 

We started the day with a full English breakfast and the excitement of going up Pitch Hill. After packing up our rucksacks we were buzzing with energy to get going! 

We has so much fun walking through fields and woods and climbing over the stiles in true country style! 

To reach the top we had to climb many STEEP pathways and our legs were aching!! Eventually we reached the top and stopped for lunch. 

After lunch we created natural art from the nature around us and we all made art which represented our St Mark’s CIRCLE values. 

When we returned we had done time relax before dinner. 

Later tonight we are having a cosy camp fire! 


Tomorrow we we are caving and doing the challenge course and packing. 


We we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. 

We have had the BEST and ENJOYABLE time at Sayers Croft!! 

(Written by Lilly, Harriet and Faith) 

Day 5


Our final day!! We are all packed up but the fun continues...we’re off to complete team challenges and caving before lunch. We are making the most of our final hours here at Sayers Croft! 


Then we’ll get in the coach and return to school. 


We've had had a lovely time at Sayers Croft and a lovely personal journey; we are looking forward to seeing our families.  


See you at 3pm!!!


Year 5/6 xx