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Rough Guide to... The Lake District

If you want to read about our Rough Guide Project, then look below. However, Before we did anything else this term, Years 3 and 4 were extremely lucky to take part in a Lent Workshop at Guildford Cathedral on the first day back after half term. The cathedral is an awe-inspiring place and we were very lucky to have it all to ourselves!

Spring 2 2020

Rough Guide to the Lake District

Geography / English / Art

Spirituality / Thinking



Mr Chambers' family cannot decide where to go on holiday this summer but he has heard that the Lake District is worth visiting, so Class 3/4 will embark on a journey of discovery to the Lake District where they will learn and use geographical skills to help him persuade his family that this is where they really want to go. Year 3 and 4 will discover how to read and interpret different types of maps, investigate features of the stunning landscape and compare them to their local area. Using their knowledge of the landscape, they will explore jobs and activities that he might experience on his holiday. With this newfound knowledge, the children will produce fact sheets to assist Mr Chambers on his travels. While exploring the wild landscape, children will portray the wonders of the natural world using the medium of watercolour.


HOOK: Display pictures of loactions that Mr Chambers’ family would like to go on holiday this year. I really want to go to the Lake District, which I've heard is spectacular (and it has a pencil museum too!). Please help me persuade the rest of my family that they want to go on holiday here!


Much of the work that we have covered in this topic was affected by the closure of the school as a consequnce of the spread of Covid 19; however, we were able to continue much of this work at home and here is a selection of some of the work we did:


Lake District Travel Guides




Lake District Landscapes



The Water Cycle

Finally, we also turned our hand to writing haikus: