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Welcome to Reception!

In Reception our teacher is Miss Culverhouse.




September 2021

May 2021

Reception have had a wonderful start to the year! So far they have discussed and agreed the rules we must keep to in school. We have explored the classroom and the school grounds together. The children have loved reading new picture books, spending money in the role play area and making models out of mobilo and lego.  They are a very active class and have particularly enjoyed climbing through tunnels, using the trike and scooters and using the playground obstacle course! They have been eager to show off their writing skills, learn new number rhymes and count ever higher.  The children have shared what they feel thankful for in prayer. The children have had so much fun and are already making friends and sharing special, new experiences together. All in all, a fantastic start to the year. 


World Book Day


Our First Day


Get Moving

Listening Walk


Reception went on a listening walk to hear what sounds they could find around the school grounds.  Their listening ears heard all kinds of sounds from a motor bike to a gate buzzer and from running water to a shredder! The children were also excited to (socailly distanced) meet other staff and children across the school.