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Reception Rules! - Autumn 1

The children had a big surprise this morning! (21.9.20) Mrs Stocchetti came in and told the children there was a big package on the playground for them.  It said 'Reception, St Mark's' on the top.  The excited children went outside and Mrs Stocchetti opened the package and inside was a letter and a FLAMINGO!  The letter explained Flora was new to St Mark's and needed help as she didn't know anyone or what the rules are here.  The children kindly agreed to help Flora!  Once inside Flora said hello to everyone and popped to the toilet.  You would not believe the mess she made.  Some children went to help tidy it up. Flora is quite cheeky and will need all of the children's help to settle in, make friends and learn the rules.  The children have promised to draw pictures for her and help her. We'll keep you posted on Flora's progress!! 
Today (23.9.20) the children came in to see a book had been ripped!  The children promised none of them had done it and Flora shook her head too.  Miss Day said she had seen Flora rip the book.  We had a discussion with the children about how important it is to tell the truth, even when it is difficult.  The children promised to show Flora the rules of the class and drew more pictures for her! 
Today (25.09.20) the children focused on showing Flora how to be kind by showing her kindness. They made necklaces for her and Mrs Stocchetti and drew careful observation drawing from photographs of flamingos.  
Today (28.09.20) the children came in to find Flora had made a huge mess in the sand pit.  We had a discussion about the rules for the sand and how we might gently remind Flora of the rules if she forgot again.  Lyra said 'She might want to say sorry.' Felicity said 'She needs to keep the sand in the sand pit.' The children suggested rules that we should keep to so that everyone is safe and so that the sand doesn't get wasted by ending up on the floor. 

Flora was very busy at school today (5.10.20).  She got a little carried away with the paint and made quite a mess!! She also did not wear an apron. The children shared there ideas on how we could help Flora (see below), they were really patient and kind in how they explained to Flora how we should behave at school.  They told me what rules to write down for her.  Unfortunately Flora couldn't read the rules.  So the children have decided to make a video.  They will be working on this all week and will share their video with parents on Tapestry soon. 



This week (12.10.20) the children made a video for Flora to show her how to be a member of the class. They also performed 'Big, Red Combine Harvester' for the school and it was recorded for Flora on her video.  The children loved making this for her! They have continued showing Flora how to be kind at school and drawing maps of where she lives. 
The children celebrated the end of their and Flora's first half term by making cupcakes and eating them all together.  The video they made for Flora was shared with her and the children at school and their parents at home!  What a FANTASTIC start to the year they have had.  They have shown such kindness to each other, such diligence in their learning and such joy in their new experiences.