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Parent Questionnaire 2018

Results of the Parent Questionnaire 2018


As always, a HUGE thank you for taking the time to complete the recent Parents’ and Carers’ Views Questionnaire.  Again, we had a good response of which the results were so positive and encouraging. There were also some very useful feedback, which will help us to improve St Mark's even further with your help.


Take a look at the 'Headlines' below...


100% felt the school provided a safe environment for their child

100% felt the school expect their child to work hard and achieve their best

100% felt that parents are encouraged to play an active part in school life

100% felt that school reports and parent evenings keep them well informed about how their child is getting on.

100% felt that pupils get help and support to do their best when they need it

100% felt their child is well taught at this school

100% felt that the school has a good range of information meetings for parents

100% of parents would recommend this school to another parent

All except one, felt the school responds well to concerns raised.

All except one, said they were made to feel welcome when they come into school. 

All except one, felt the staff and pupils respect and trust each other.


Additional comments from parents:


"Good communication and Headteacher ensuring her students are happy, adjusted and rewarded when needed." 

"Teaching our children good values as well as giving them the best education. Amazing school which feels like family!"

 "I admire the support given to pupil and their family. The learning support given to pupil is exceptional."

"Fantastic school. My children are very happy here and I know they are well cared for in every way."

"I love how my child's learning is made engaging and exciting so that they really buy into it." 

"The level of teaching is exceptional, I know the teachers work hard to give the pupils a great education."

"The school is excellent for teaching, behaviour, and leadership."

"We feel very lucky to have our children in such a great school. Thank you for all the hard work you all do."

"They bring out the best in a pupil from an early age in a nurturing and caring environment."

"Teaching of CIRCLE values, as this is a fantastic basis for the future."

"I love that parents are encouraged to take part in all aspects of school life, from fund raising to home learning."

"My child is really encouraged to do their best."


Areas we are continuing to develop:


Although it is clear that you would still like us to further improve the range of activities after school, there was a clear decrease in the amount of parents who responded about their wish for more clubs with just 8% this year - we are improving! In 2016 26% of responses indicated a need for improvement as opposed to 13% in 2017.


We continually strive to improve our school and opportunities for our pupils and are working hard on further developing after school clubs even further this year. We are exploring options for pupils to take part in regular weekly sporting clubs and will keep you updated with the progress on this. 


We have worked hard to raise the profile of the governors in the school and we will continue to do so this year. You will have seen the 'Governor's Corner' in the newsletter at the end of last term and you will see this as a regular feature this year.  We will also explore ways for you to understand further the roles and responsibilities of our Governing body.


 If you should need to contact the governing body, you can write to our Chair of Governors, C/O St Mark's C of E Primary School, Queens Road, Farnborough, Hants, GU14 6DU or leave a message to contact you by calling the school on 01252 544155


Please rest assured that all comment returned to support our improvements are read and discussed in great detail - your opinions matter!


Of course, if you have any personal queries, do not hesitate to contact the school. We thank all of our parents and carers for their constant and continuous support in all we do.