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Parent Questionnaire 2017

Results of the Parent Questionnaire November 2017


As always, thank you so much for taking the time to complete the Parents’ and Carers’ Views Questionnaire 2017. We had the best response ever – 84% of families – that is a fantastic response and the results were so positive and encouraging. There was also some very useful feedback, which will help us to improve St Mark's even further with your help.


Take a look at the 'Headlines' below...


100% of parents felt the school provides a safe environment for their child

100% of parents said that behaviour was good

100% of parents felt their child was well taught

100% of parents felt the school offered a good range of information meetings for parents.

100% of parents felt the school was well thought of in the local community

100% felt the school was well led and managed

100% of parents felt welcomed when they come into school

All (except 1 who didn’t know) felt the school expects their child to work hard and achieve their best.

All (except 3 who didn’t know) felt the school responds well to any concerns raised

All (except one who didn’t know) felt staff and pupils respect and trust each other.

All (except 1 who didn’t know) felt that parents are encouraged to play an active part in the life of the school.


Comments from parents and carers:


“St Marks is a great school and I couldn't be prouder to have my children here. St Marks has the best foundation in setting values and high standards of achievement.”


“Such a lovely sense of community and belonging where pupils genuinely care for and look out for each other. Children really are encouraged to do their best.”


“Very friendly, warm, secure and loving environment for children and family. Staff members are very supportive and never too busy to listen or offer help and advice, if and when needed.”


“All staff are great - professional, helpful and friendly, treating each child as an individual. Also teaching the children respect and kindness.”


“My child is incredibly happy at the school with great friendships. They are eager to learn and enjoys going to school each day…I believe you contributed hugely to bring out the best in my child. Well done!”


“St Mark's is an excellent school which delivers excellent teaching in a supportive, caring and nurturing environment.  In addition, the partnership the school encourages with the parents helps to ensure positive engagement with families, which is so important to enable shared understanding and support for our children. Thank you!”


“The structure lessons and topics are always interesting and enjoyed by the children. I always feel I am kept up to date and informed of any issues promptly. Any concerns I have always are dealt with appropriately and quickly. Overall a fantastic school!”


“Both of my children are thriving at this school. This is due to both the academic and social brilliance of the school.”


“Teachers and especially Mrs Stochetti are wonderfully positive whenever we see them, especially when greeting the children in the morning.”


“Both children run into school in the mornings!  You are doing things correctly and brilliantly.”


“Teachers and all the staff are very friendly and I never fear to ask about my child if I need to.”


“What do you do well? The teaching of Values!”


Areas we are trying hard to develop:


14% did not know how to contact the Governing body


Our Chair of Governors, Mr Mark Bonnett, can be contacted on his Chair of Governor e-mail or alternatively you can write to him using the school address and marking the envelope FAO Mr M Bonnett, Chair of Governors.


11% did not understand the roles and responsibilities of the Governors


We held a parent forum led by the Governors on 9th March 2017 to address this, as it had been clear from the previous questionnaire that 33% of parents who responded did not understand the roles of our Governors. However, only 4 parents attended. Our Governor would be happy to re-run this forum for you and will be holding a Governor parent forum on 20th June at 6pm in the school hall. The Governors will give an overview of their responsibilities and the activities they have completed so far this year, with a focus on school improvement. The evening will also provide an opportunity for you to ask our Governors any questions you may have.

There is also a separate ‘tab’ for our Governors on our website which outlines the roles and responsibilities of each of our Governors.


7% did not feel the school provides an interesting range of activities, clubs and sports outside of lessons.


Last year we offered a range of after school clubs: JAM, Choir, Book Club, Cooking, Whizz Pop Bang, Photography Club and Hama Beads club, run by the teachers.  Also Football, Judo and Cheerleading led by experts. Recorder club was held at lunchtime and children were able to take part in music lessons with Hampshire Music Services. Something for everyone!  It was clear from previous year’s parent questionnaires that some parents wanted us to further improve the range of activities after school.  This year, I am delighted to announce that again, there was a clear decrease in the responses about their wish for more clubs. In 2015, 26% of responses indicated a need for improvement and we worked hard to improve. Last year this figure reduced to 13% and this year it has rapidly dropped to 7%. We are continually improving! We continue to explore further club options for our pupils and I am delighted to be able to offer further clubs for the children this year including Lego Quest, Team Sports, STEM club and Spanish club.


We note the 2 parents of the 65 families who responded that they disagreed that school reports and parent evenings kept them well informed about how their child is getting on. We would be happy to discuss this on a 1:1 basis if they wanted to contact the Headteacher or Deputyhead. An appointment can be made with the class teacher at any mutually convenient time and we operate an open door policy.


We offer a 1:1 consultation with the class teacher and parents in the Autumn and Spring term. These appointments outline how they are progressing and any support they may need. In the Summer term after the school report has been issued there is an open offer for a 1:1 consultation with the class teacher, should a parent require it. In addition, parents may make appointments with their child’s class teachers at any time to discuss anything with them. The school will be holding a further information meeting in the Autumn Term to explain the Age Related Expectations and how we track and assess progress of children during the year, on 11th October 2018  at 6.30pm.  A leaflet explaining the assessment arrangement is available free of charge from the school reception and is also freely downloadable on our website, or you can download it here:



Meeting times:

Some parents had commented in the feedback section that they were unable to attend all the meetings as most were held during the day. Since this feedback we have made significant changes to the times offered for information meetings, with the majority being held after school and early evening in addition to the morning to offer a range of times for everyone. Some meetings have been offered with two time options and run both morning and evening.


In response to some other individual comments on what we could improve:


Overuse of parentmail: We have now streamlined this and only send home parentmail on certain days, unless it is urgent. We hope you have seen a reduction in your in-box!


Information about what the children are learning: In an earlier parent forum, it was decided as a school community not to send home information in advance, so that the ‘hook’ and ‘excitement’ wasn’t spoil for the children before their topic started! They so desperately look forward to working it out! However, you will see on your child’s class page, that you are kept up to date with all that is going on, including the rationale for learning and regular updates. In addition, a half termly maths overview is sent home so you can see what mathematical concepts they are learning.


Final note:


Thank you again for your participation. If you would like to discuss any part of the parent survey with a member of the Senior Leadership Team please contact the office to make an appointment, explaining briefly the part/topic you would like to discuss and we will be happy to meet you!