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Our Unique Curriculum

Our curriculum pages below offer lots of information about our curriculum. If you want to know more about specific areas of learning please contact your child's class teacher or contact the school office and we will be happy to help. 

Integrated Curriculum






Our curriculum has been designed to put all learning into an engaging and purposeful learning experience.

"Projects at our school are exciting because they always start with a 'hook' and end with an 'outcome'. The one I liked best was............................." 


Our Curriculum Vision

Our Unique Integrated Curriculum ignites learning and launches a journey of exploration and discovery for a lifetime. It secures positive memories which enriches lives and builds success and achievement. Through skillful teaching, it crafts a pathway of learning for every unique individual, making certain that we take responsibility for ensuring expectations are met whilst providing rich, rewarding and challenging experiences. Teachers are committed to believe in every learner and their learning and secure this through working as an integral member of a team, pooling their knowledge and expertise and contributing actively to the good of everyone and the creation of team spirit. Teaching reflects a voyage which moves into unchartered waters where maps are sketchy and incomplete, where expectations rise and fall and change course, which encourages us to reflect, regroup and devise new pathways when necessary.

All of this is achievable and within our grasp if we hold true to our values and beliefs to our commitments and have total respect for each other and our unique learners.


About our Integrated Curriculum

A variety of exciting and inspiring themes have been chosen for each year group as well as whole school themes, linking subjects together, making learning more meaningful. Due to our mixed year group classes, our Curriculum is taught over a two year rolling programme, which ensures that all components of the National curriculum are taught within each Key stage as well the Early Years Curriculum. The unique approach in the delivery of the Integrated Projects ensures that children are involved in their learning journey through a practical and engaging curriculum, enabling them to develop problem solving, real world applications and social consciousness, all of which add to the learning process, making it a more comprehensive way of educating and learning. All Integrated Projects are underpinned by our school learning values.


We invite you to take a look at the ‘class pages’ to see our Integrated Curriculum in action!