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Year 1 & 2 attend 'Another Disney Story'

Another Disney Story

Last month Year 1/2 received a very special invitation from the Performing Arts Department at Farnborough College of Technology to see 'Another Disney Story'. Of course we gladly accepted and walked to the college on Monday 4th March full of anticipation to see the show and we were not disappointed! On our arrival we were greeted by fairies waving their wands...

The show was packed with the children's favourite characters from Frozen to the classic's Snow White and the children watched in delight as the students performed a fascinating, exciting story, including songs, dances and lots of audience participation!

Afterwards the Characters (cast) came to speak to the children and Elsa and Anna from Frozen escorted us to the gate when we left!


The children talked about it all the way back to school and are now preparing to write letters to their favourite characters! Take a look at the photographs below...