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Land of Fire and Ice


Mrs. Dear and Mrs. Harding have heard about a competition, run by the National Geographic Kids magazine, asking primary aged school children to research about a country and create a magazine page, for a chance to be published in a special anniversary addition of the magazine.


The class watched an introductory video from the Education and Learning Director of the National Geographic, explaining the competition requirements. The class also received their competition pack, which included many photos of a 'mystery' country's contrasting landscapes and links to some video clips.

Beginning to use their geographical skills, including those of longitude and latitude, the children were required to deduce where in the world the country was.


Having successfully identified and located the country of Iceland, the children are required to further their geographical knowledge of this country to create a non-chronological magazine.


Working out the mystery country!

Having watched a video explaining the National Geographic magazine competition, the children explored photos, videos and atlases to work out which country we need to learn about! They then researched on the internet to check they were correct and learn more.

Icelands' Climate and Weather

We have found out about the climatic zones around the world, which has helped us understand more about the 'cold temperate' climate of Iceland.

We have then looked at maps, watched video clips and weather forecasts, as well as reading a non-chronological text, to find about the weather of Iceland and how changeable and extreme it can be!

Whilst reading the non-chronological text, we identified the features of this text type because we need to know this to help us write our magazine!

Weather Forecasts

Having read Non-Chronological texts to learn about the weather in Iceland, we tried creating weather forecasts which would also help people know what to pack! Can you hear our Geographical Vocabulary?

Weather Forecast 1.mp4

Still image for this video

We enjoyed finding out about the climate of Iceland. For homework we produced some super work finding out about the climate of a country of our choice. Here are a few of the examples.

This week we have been finding out some basic facts about Iceland. We have used tis to create an introductory page to our magazine. We focused on arranging our information into paragraphs and using subheadings. Here are some of our introductory pages. I hope you agree that they do make us want to read on more.

We wanted to learn more about volcanoes this week. In order to understand this we needed to know how the world was made up so we studied the layers of the earth. We presented our findings as a page for our magazine focusing on extending our sentences.

We learnt about how volcanoes erupt and had fun making our own volcano with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. We were then able to write our own explanation of how a volcano erupts thinking about how to vary our sentence structure. To finish this page of our magazine we developed our art skills in using line to create depth. We used pen and pencil to do our own volcano drawings.

We looked at the artist Margaret Godfrey, who created pictures of the inside of a volcano. We decided to create our own pictures in this style using tissue paper.

This week we have been developing our internet skills by doing our own research about volcanoes and finding out about the most famous volcano of Iceland, Eyjafjallajokull. We used this to create a fun page of our magazine.

We used pastels today to create images of volcanoes.

We have been learning about the land of fire and ice. Having already studied volcanoes bringing the fire we moved on to the ice. We have learnt lots about glaciers this week. We wrote all about the glaciers of iceland and used a range of media to create pictures of glaciers.

Having researched the amazing Northern Lights and how they occur, we decided to create a piece of art work. 

We looked carefully at Van Gogh's Starry Night painting to notice how his art created a feeling of movement. We then tried to recreate this feeling for the Northern Lights using pastels. 

Everyone in 3/4 has worked so hard on their magazines.  They have taken great pride in publishing them and have learnt so much about the geography of Iceland.  Their skills in independence have greatly improved as they made their own choices about the layout of their work.  We hope you all enjoy reading them and we have our fingers crossed we hear from National Geographic soon.