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Happy Holidays Spr 2 2020

Happy Holidays

Spring 2


Year 1/2 Integrated Project

Geography, English and Computing

Spirituality and Thinking


Following the flight to Auckland, New Zealand, the children will try to answer the question. They will then start an enquiry, investigating New Zealand as a holiday destination. Why is New Zealand a good place for a “Happy Holiday”? They will build their geographical knowledge of New Zealand, looking at its location, physical and human features and truly diversity environment. The children will explain their findings in reports and comparisons. Exploring the Maori myths and legends will lead to creative writing and an insight deeper into the New Zealand way of life. Computing skills will also be put to work in presenting group powerpoints. Once we return from our travels we will have enough information from our findings to make a presentation about New Zealand as a holiday destination.

Hook:  Does New Zealand make a good location for a “Happy Holiday”? The children will arrive at school to find this question displayed and passports ready for their flight to New Zealand. The hall will be set up as an aircraft and the children will need to board the plane using their ticket, going through passport control. They will then watch a video of the flight and follow their journey on an interactive map. They will land in Auckland ready to find out about New Zealand as a holiday destination.

Year 1/2 excitedly made passports and received their boarding passes, ready to board their flight. They first arrived at the airport and when through passport control and located their seat on the plane. They discovered that the flight took 23 hours to Auckland, New Zealand with one stop in Dubai. We are really looking forward to finding out about New Zealand as a holiday destination!

Week 1

We started our project by finding out about the location of New Zealand. We discovered it was in the South Hemisphere and in the continent of Oceania. The children produced carefully labelled maps including the town we flew into, Auckland and the capital city, wellington. We also found out that New Zealand is made up of two islands, the North and South.


Week 2

We began this week finding out about human and physical features of New Zealand. They are so many interesting land marks and a wide variety of physical features like volcanoes, geothermal springs, geysers, mountains and rivers.


This week we also investigated the capital city of New Zealand, which is Wellington. It is in the North Island and is a coastal city. We compared it to London. Did you know that 414,000 people live in Wellington compared to London which has a population of 8.7 million!



Week 3

We have found out all about the Whakarewarewa Valley Maori Living Village. This is a fascinating place where the Maori people have welcomed visitors for hundreds of years to learn about their way of life and how they use the natural resources. Here you can see geysers, hot springs and bubbling mud pools. The visitors are also entertained with traditional Maori dances and music.

Click the picture above to see the website.


Also this week we learnt about volcanoes! The Taupa Volcano has created New Zealand's largest lake. We found out how volcanoes work and even tried to make one ourselves!


Week 4

This week we started by learning about the landmarks of New Zealand like the Beehive, a circular building where the parliament sit. There is also the Sky Tower which is the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere! The Christchurch cardboard cathedral is an incredible place that was built after the main Christchurch cathedral was distroyed in an earthquake.


We then listened to the Maori creation story and found out about Rangi and Papa, the earth mother and father. We made some super storyboards.


St Mark's then started their learning from home.........

At home this week the children have been exploring the Maori legend of Maui and the fish. Here are some examples of their work.




They have also been learning the Maori Haka dance - look at this great Maori mask!

Week 5

Preparation for our outcome!

We never thought we would be doing a "virtual" outcome so this is a first! This week the children have spent time creating their home learning posters and gathering information for a class powerpoint all about New Zealand. Due to the phenomenal amount of work sent in the powerpoint file was too huge to upload to the website so I have combined your posters and powerpoint information into a wonderful celebration of all your hard work. There are a set of picture files in a slide show and then a powerpoint. If I have missed anyone's work do please email me, it was tricky keeping track of it all - I think I've got everyones!

Mrs Harding and I are SO proud of all of you for coming together at a time when we have to be apart to create this class finale to our project. You have learnt so much about New Zealand and when the world has returned to a safe position, I definitely want to go and visit this amazing country. 

I hope you all enjoy sharing the outcome to "Happy Holiday".

Click below to see the second part of the presentation!

New Zealand.mp4

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Comments about the Outcome

A huge well done to all our wonderful Year 1/2 families for sending us these brilliant posters, powerpoints and information. You have learnt so much about New Zealand and have definitely persuaded me to visit the beautiful country. We are so proud of you all.

Mrs Smith


We are so proud of all the hard work everyone has put in. We thought all the posters were colourful and unique. P’s sister made us laugh!
We learnt all about the Maori people’s way of life. We learnt that NZ is made up of two Islands North and South, and Wellington is the capital city. There are so many exciting places to visit and adventures to be had!
It would be so amazing if we could all go there on our family holiday! 
Mummy, Emelia & Reuben


We all really enjoyed the 1/2 outcome and are so impressed with how hard everyone has worked. It looks like a wonderful place for a holiday and has everything from nature and tribes to bucket fountains! 

The Slingerland Family


The outcome looks amazing! Everyone has worked so hard! 

Pippa and mummy


"I really liked the New Zealand project I'm so so so so sad that it is
over. I loved learning about Maori people and volcanoes."



I liked everyone’s poster they were nice but I liked one best because it was pretty and had lots of writing on it too!



I loved the posters, I loved them because they were all very different. I enjoyed the flight.



Max really liked everyone’s posters and he learned a lot. He learned about Kiwi’s and Maoris. We really liked how colourful all of the work was. 



Well done Year 1/2 fantastic work from you all. Felicity has loved finding out about New Zealand. She loved the dancing and finding out about the Maori people. Posters looked great so much work has gone into them. Felicity loved looking at them all.
Felicity and mum