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Game Zone Autumn 1 2019

Autumn 1 2019





In response to a letter from the Game Zone Toy Company, 3/4 will explore ways to create a new range of magnetic games. They will write formal letters to the Toy Company accepting the challenge. Also, throughout the topic, the children will expand their knowledge of forces and magnets to research the best materials for their games. To create the “perfect” magnetic game the children will research existing games and conduct surveys. When planning their design, they will have to take into consideration the durability and appearance of the game. The success of the game will also depend on the quality of the written instructions which accompany it. The Chairman of the toy company will choose the three best games and another class will get an opportunity to play them all at a Games Convention.


Hook: The children received a letter from the 'Game Zone Toy Company' asking the children to design new board games because they feel theirs are outdated and their customers do not feel that they are fun and exciting to play.

After playing the professionally-manufactured games, the class set about developing ideas for their own designs and instructions for their own games. During this process the class had to reflect upon the design criteria as given by Ian Hasbro and ensure that the games contained general knowledge questions suitable for 5 to 11 year olds and that their games were developed to include magnets and magnetism.
After the design and development stage, we took a short break to evaluate the games our children developed as part of their Home Learning. The ideas and effort that went into the design of these games at home was phenomenal, as were the games themselves!
When we were finally ready to manufacture our games, we spent a day contructing the boards, counters and other necessary equipment. The class were given a range of equipment to select from, with the decision regarding which tool was the correct one for each aspect of the job being left to each group. The class demonstrated skill, accuracy and determination to ensure that their games looked fantastic and and that their designs ensured could be played easily.
Trimming the boards.
More board trimming.
Cutting by hand.
3 stages of design - idea, development, product.
Finally, we were ready to launch our products! We set-up our Game Zone Game Fair in the hall and invited Years 5 and 6 to join us so we could explain our games and invite them to play them. Their comments on the games were incredibly constructive and really reflected the fantastic effort and pride that Years 3 and 4 had put into the whole project.