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Celebrations! - Autumn 2

3rd November 2020


The children had such a surprise when they returned to school this week.  Flora had a birthday card and it said that it had been her birthday in half term!  We asked her about her party but she said she did not celebrate!  She didn't even know what a birthday party was!!! The children had a big discussion about organising a party for Flora.  We sent her to stay in year 1/2 this week so that we could prepare it as a surprise.  The children have been very busy this week writing cards and invitations, making birthday hats, banners and decorations, ready for a party for Flora on Friday!

Flora's Birthday Party Preparations

Firework Celebrations!

12th November 


We made fruit kebabs to share at Flora's birthday party! 

13th November 


Flora's Birthday Party! 


After a week of preparing, the children surprised Flora with a birthday party.  They sang to her, gave her cards and pictures, danced, played games and ate fruit kebabs and party rings.  Much fun was had by all, especially Flora!! 

23rd November


This week the children have been learning about Divali the Hindu Festival of Light.  The children loved making their own Diwa lamps and rangoli patterns.  

1st December 


This week we have been writing letters to Father Christmas! 

8th December


We have been learning about the Christmas Story and acting out out in a nativity performance! 


Christmas Lunch