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Bugs, bugs,bugs, Distance Learning Summer 1 2020

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Bugs, bugs, bugs

Year 1/2 Integrated Project

Summer 1 2020

Science, English and Art

(Distance Learning)

The insects in the book Mad about Minbeasts want to know which one is our favourite. In order to decide the children will investigate and research a range of insects, life cycles, food chains and micro habitats. They will use a variety of written ways to covey the information they discover. They will watch animals develop such as worms and butterflies. They will embrace the minibeast project through a range of skills and resources including stories, artistic interpretations and their own independent bug hunts. This will culminate in them making a decision as to which minibeast is their favourite and why, producing a detailed sculpture of that minibeast to support their choice.

Hook - The children listened to Mrs Smith share Mad about Minibeasts before setting off on their own bug hunt adventure. I wonder what our favourite minibeasts will be?

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Year 1/2 had lots of fun in their gardens and on local walks finding many different types of minibeasts. What brilliant bug hunters they are!

Year 1/2 have had a very busy "bug" week, their activities have included "What am I? riddles, a "Going on a bug hunt" poem, science sorting tasks, sharing the Bumblebear story and our fabulous Friday saw the creation of our own 3d bugs! Well done Year 1/2 your learning from home is wonderful and we are so proud of your efforts. Enjoy sharing a selection of your work below.

3D bugs!

Just a small selection of your brilliant riddles, poems, minibeast sorting and Bumblebear story!

More riddles!

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Another busy week of learning about bugs this week. We have been setting up bug traps to get a closer look at some bugs and then we labelled the parts of an insect.

We have been thinking about adjectives to describe the mini-beasts. We then used these to write a description. You can really picture the animals.

Finally this week we have been finding out some facts about slugs and snails. Here are some of our interesting facts and super art work.

All about the dragonfly

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A butterfly life cycle

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This week we have been looking at Microhabitats. We have been looking for microhabitats, and seeing which mini-beasts live there. We used some of the information collected by Mrs Smith to create pictorgrams.

We all enjoyed listening to the story Twist and Hop, Minibeast Bop. We answered questions about the book then designed and wrote some invitations to other minibeasts.

Some children have performed dances, poems and songs which could have been performed at the mini-beast bop.

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We have been learning about the butterfly life cycle. We have drawn pictures and made a life cycle mobile with coat hangers

We have been finding out interesting facts about butterflies. We have presented these facts in interesting ways.

We have read the Hungry Caterpillar and then written our own versions. Here are few of the ones we wrote

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs Outcome

After reading "Mad about Minibeasts" Year 1/2 were challenged to discover as much as they could about minibeasts, in order to chose their favourite one! This "distance learning" project has seen the children in their gardens, on their allotments and out on walks finding minibeasts. I think it's safe to say everyone has enjoyed it!

Below are the wonderful minibeast models and accompanying booklets, powerpoints and even videos! We are SO proud of your efforts Year 1/2!  AMAZING distance learning!! Well done!

Year 1/2's favourite minibeasts in 3D models and pictures

Scary Spider

Gracious Grasshopper

Exciting Earwig

Lovely ladybird

Brilliant Butterflies

Sparkly Spider

Special Spider

Decorated Dragonfly

Buzzing Butterfly

Beautiful Butterfly

Delicious Snail

Lovely ladybird

Wonderful Woodlouse video.mp4

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