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Autumn 2

We have been designing rockets this week. We started by looking at different ways we could launch rockets such as water pressure and air pressure. Next we experimented with different techniques for joining materials.

After all our experimenting we designed our own rocket thinking about which materials would be best for the cone and fins.

Finally our rockets were finished and we were able to launch them using the rocket launcher. They were really successful.

Once our rockets were in space the capsule was released. Our second challenge was to design and make the capsule which would land on the moon safely protecting our egg astronaut. We thought about the best shape for the capsule then used computers to produce the nets for these. Next we had to choose the best material for going inside the capsule to protect the egg. Finally we used our science knowledge about air resistance to help design a parachute to slow the fall of the capsule

Here are our final capsules. We dropped them from a height and managed to protect our egg a little. Some managed to save our egg astronaut and they landed safely. However, some got a little injured along the way.