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Autumn 2 2020

Autumn 2


This half term Year 1/2 will be continuing to share traditional tales, starting with one of Aesop's famous Fables, the Hare and the Tortoise. In Maths, we will be looking at calculations, money, shape and length. Our project for this term is "Where's My Lunch?" based on the book, The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch" by Ronda and David Armitage. With a DT focus we will be looking at Mr Grindling's lunch and finding out how we can help to make it a balanced meal. Life in a lighthouse was hardwork and we will discover the important role lighthouses had in keeping people safe. We are also looking forward to learning dances to accompany sea shanties! With Remembrance Day, Antibullying week and of course Christmas celebrations, it's going to be another busy half term!

Week 1

We began this week by sharing one of Aesop's Fables, the Hare and the Tortoise. We found out that a fable is a story with a meaning or moral. The moral to this story is: "Slow and steady wins the race". We enjoyed looking closely at the characters and comparing them, as Hare is speedy, boastful and jumpy where as Tortoise is calm, steady and thoughtful. We learnt that trying your best and persevering is the most important skill. Also this week Year 1 have been focusing on finding the difference in subtraction and Year 2 have been looking at addition and subtraction crossing the ten, they are getting very good at drawing their own numberlines to help with their calculations.

We were extremely excited by a picnic basket and book that appeared in our classroom over half term. After sharing the story of the lighthouse keeper's lunch, we discovered that Mrs Grindling has asked for our help to make Mr Grindling's lunch healthier. We discovered he did not have a balanced meal but after sharing the Eatwell plate we think we can design Mr Grindling a balanced and exciting packed lunch. 

We made posters to advertise the race between Hare and Tortoise!

Children in Need Five to Thrive!

We have had a very special day finding out all about five things to make us thrive!

  • Connect - friendships and family, making sure we are open about our feelings and talk to each other...and also listen too! (friendship skills and Harold the Giraffe's feelings board) We all shared a smile together.
  • Take notice of everything around us using all of our senses and taking time to be calm and quiet (mindful drawings)
  • Getting active everyday to make sure we are fit and healthy - Joe Wicks helped us with that today!
  • Being curious - we talked about learning a new skill and the feelings we get when we achieve! Ths helps us to be confident and able to build up our resilience for future challenges
  • Give - we thought of ways we could give and how giving to someone else can make us feel so happy. 

Thank you to you all for wearing your amazing spots and stripes and for giving to this charity today.