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Autumn 2 2019 Let's Celebrate!

Let's Celebrate!

Autumn 2


Rational: This project focuses on celebrations from around the world and will include Birthdays, Diwali, Hanukkah, Eid and Christmas. It will provide the children with a chance to share their family's celebrations and traditions. The children will be immersed in stories, music, traditions and food from each celebration. As a special focus they will explore the theme of light that runs throughout each celebration. We will use what we find out to plan our very own, ‘Light Festival’.

Hook: Austin receives a birthday card and tells his class that he turned 5 in the half term holidays. Reception ask him what he did to celebrate but Austin looks puzzled as he didn't do anything.  Poor Austin now feels sad. The children will help to teach Austin about birthday celebrations by planning a surprise birthday party for him!

The Toys' Party

We have been sharing our birthday memories this week and finding out about birthday celebrations. We have had so much fun getting things ready for Austin's surprise party and have made; party hats, party bags, birthday cards, decorations, invitations and lots more. We set up a party shop and planned parties for each other and wrote lists of things we will need for our party. We have planned games and organised music and can't wait for the big surprise! We also read a very funny story about Kipper having his own party with his toys and making a rather unusual cake with tomato sauce and baked we read the story we made the cake but then thought that Austin really wouldn't like this cake!

Austin's Surprise Party!!!

Austin enjoyed his party so much he asked Reception if they could teach him about some other celebrations. We talked together and made a list of other times that we celebrate. We then agreed to teach Austin about Diwali, the Hindu 'Festival of Lights'. We read a story about Rama and Sita and acted it out using puppets that we made. We found out about Rangoli and Mehndi patterns and had a go at our own. We made our own Diva Lamps using clay. We found out all about clay as well as we loved exploring it with our hands, trying to think of words to describe how it felt. We had a go at dancing to some Diwali music and looked at the beautiful clothes that are worn during the celebrations.  

Making Diva Lamps

Decorating our Diva Lamps

Creating our own Hanukkiahs

Our Very Own Christingle Service

Everyone Loves a Baby!

Getting Ready for Our Outcome...

Reception's Outcome