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In response to a visit from Mrs Orchard from the Orchard Toy Company, 3/4 will explore ways to create a new range of magnetic games. They will write formal letters to the Toy Company accepting the challenge. Also, throughout the topic, the children will expand their knowledge of forces and magnets to research the best materials for their games. To create the “perfect” magnetic game the children will research existing games and conduct surveys. When planning their design, they will have to take into consideration the durability and appearance of the game. The success of the game will also depend on the quality of the written instructions which accompany it. The Chairperson of the toy company will choose the three best games and year 1 and 2 will get an opportunity to play them all at a Games Convention.



Mrs Orchard, from Orchard Toys, came to visit the children having heard about their amazing science skills.  The toy company had received many requests from teachers of infant classes for new and innovative games aimed at making their lessons fun and enjoyable.  Mrs Orchard would be back later in the term to see how we got on and judge our final products. 

Following our amazing visit from Mrs Orchard we spend some time playing the fabulous games she left us. We had to read the instructions very carefully and then weevaluated what we thought about them and looked at what ideas we could use for our own game designs.

Mrs Orchard also left us a prototype for a new game about forces they are developing. We had fun learning and playing the game ready to give Mrs Orchard some feedback

We thought it was necessary to learn a bit more about forces so we started with investigating pushing and pulling forces.

We then applied the science skills we learnt last week to carry out a fair test to see which material had the most friction.

In order to be a good designer you need to do some market research. We had already played some excellent games but we needed to speak to year 1 and 2 to find out the kinds of games they enjoyed and what they would like to learn.

Having learnt lots of about games we thought we would write to Mrs Orchard and let her know how we had got on. We wanted this to be our neatest work so we focused on our handwriting for our published letter. We hope Mrs Orchard writes back.

Mrs Orchard loved our letters and wrote back to us. She suggested that we use magnets to make our games so we had great fun investigating magnets and how they work. Next we realised that in order for someone to be able to play any games we made we would need clear instructions. To help us with this we looked at the features of instructions using the instructions which came with the games Mrs Orchard had left us.

We started designing our own magnetic games. We had lots of creative ideas and used what we had learnt about magnets and from our market research to help us. We enjoyed working collaboratively to generate our final ideas. Here are a few of our designs.

We made prototypes of our designs to see how they would work. We learnt lots from these and have adapted our final designs.

At last, we are ready to start making our games. We have made a plan of jobs we need to do and our showing great teamwork to make our fabulous games.

We have finished our game and are really proud of our final products. We had to overcome many difficulties along the way and adjusted our plans as we went.

We wrote our instructions out clearly so anyone would be able to play our game.

This afternoon we had our game convention. Mrs Orchard and year 1/2 came to play our magnetic games along with our fabulous home learning. While the children played the game we were able to evaluate how successful we had been with our designs. Everyone had great fun and Mrs Orchard was really impressed. She has taken our ideas back to her design team.

We decided it would be great to play each others home learning games, so we were luckily enough to enjoy a second playing session.

Finally we wrote letters to Mrs Orchard to persuade her to choose our game. We then used our typing skills to publish these.