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Autumn 1 2021

We're all going to the zoo!

Autumn 1 2021

Science, English and Art

Thinking and Spirituality



After receiving the message from Zoe the new zookeeper and exploring the box of goodies, the children will discover many animal related stories, games and toys but not much information. They will read the books, starting with Dear Zoo and begin to investigate zoo animals. They will use scientific ideas to sort and classify animals, learning about their groups and natural habitats. They will make fact files and information leaflets about the animals. The children will write their own version of Dear Zoo, using some of the new animals they discover. In order to help Zoe they will design a new zoo and make clay animals to fill it, showing why they are arranged in particular groups. All this information will be collated and given to Zoe to help her with her new job.


Zoo the New Zookeeper sends a  message to say that she would like Year 1/2’s help to design a new zoo. This is a brand new job which she has never had before! She will need to know as much information as possible about the animals and where they live. Zoe has sent a box of zoo goodies to get them started. Can they send everything they find out to her so she can make a good impression for her exciting new post?

Mid hook: Visit to Marwell Zoo to find out about how other zoos are organised.


This week we have been exploring the difference between pets and zoo animals! We also decided that Zoe needed to know what animals needed to survive in order to look after them properly at the zoo so we also looked at what the basic needs were for animals we found out: air, water, food, shelter were the most important.

We became scientists and found out about the main animal groups (mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles) we used our knowledge to create animal factfiles!

We then learnt about whether animals were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores... lots of scientific language to learn and use!

In preparation for making our clay animals, we have started to explore the patterns and textures on animal skin

Next it was time to become authors and re-write a familiar story... Dear Zoo! What do you think about the animals the zoo sent us?

Continuing our journey as authors, we learnt how to describe zoo animals to help Zoe identify them!

We were so good at thinking of adjectives!

Zoe needed to know what animals needed to survive and what they each needed in their specific habitats. We put on our scientist hats again and learnt all about where different types of animals live and how they adapt to their environment!

Our trip to Marwell Zoo! We learnt so many amazing facts that Zoe the Zookeeper might need: what animals like to eat, how often they are fed and where they like to sleep!

Zoe the Zookeeper needs to know all about animals and their young... we became scientists today and learnt names for different baby animals. We also learnt how mammals, amphibians and birds all start their lives differently - this is important for Zoe to know!

Making clay animals for our zoo! First we practiced making patterns in the clay to help us make patterns on our animal's skin - we used rolling and different tools to help us.

Then, we used molding, joining and tools again to make our clay animals

We painted our animals really carefully trying to be as accurate as possible with skin colour, texture and pattern

Our Project Outcome - the zoo!