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Autumn 1 2021 - The Art of Being Human

Autumn 1 2021 

The Art of Being Human

Science, English, RHE

Spirituality and Thinking 


Our Project this term is 'The Art of Being Human', during which we will be investigating the heart and circulatory system (as well as the role of the lungs), in addition to this we will be revisiting some of our prior scientific learning regarding humans, such as how the digestive system works.  



Children are challenged to become experts in the Art of Being Human; they will learn about the main parts of the human circulatory system, and describe the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood and how nutrients are transported through our bodies. Through writing explanations and balanced arguments, the children will explore the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This exploration will look at the effects and impact of diet, exercise, drugs and alcohol. At the end of their study, children will hold a scientific exhibition to invited guests where they will present their findings and stage a fitness session for their guests.



Year 5/6 will receive an emergency video appeal from the staff – Mrs Stocchetti has put them through a start of year boot camp and found that the staff were not as fit as they could be. How can Year 5/6 help the staff become fitter? Mini-debate (with little time to prepare and using the prompt cards for scientific vocab & concepts) asking What is a healthy lifestyle? How does lifestyle impact on our bodies? Agree with the class that they need to study the human circulatory system and the impact of lifestyle choices and create a fitness regime for staff.


Year 5/6's work for this block can be seen on the Year 5/6 class page - click on the initials to see each pupil's work. We will be moving this work to this page over the coming weeks. The link for the Year 5/6 page is below.