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Autumn 1 2020


This term in English we have been looking at three books: Winter's Child by Angela McAllister, The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Elephant Diaries by Steve Parker. We have completed a number of activities based around these titles such as writing character profiles, used our descriptive skills to describe settings, written letters from one character to another and diary entries imagining that we were spiders (inspired by Elephant Diaries!).



In our Maths work, we have been focusing on Number and Place Value, as well as Addition and Subtraction.



Our project this half term is the Stone Age. We have been investigating various aspects of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic eras; in addition to this we have been discussing how archaeologists are able to use the evidence they find to help piece together an idea of how Stone Age People lived.


We looked at the different homes that Stone Age people lived in across the three eras...

...before designing and building some in class.
We talked about the everyday life of Stone Age people and how they fed, clothed and looked after themselves. 
We also investigated the Amesbury Archer and how we could learn about the type of person he was from the artefacts that had been buried with him.
We also made our own Beaker-style pots in class.