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Autumn 1 2020



This week in Year 5/6 we have been very busy. In English we have been focusing on descriptive writing, using the 'Titanium' Music video as inspiration. We have been developing our writing skills to be able to 'show' the reader what is happening in a scene rather than 'telling' them. We worked so hard on this and the progress we made was exceptional. 



In our Science lessons we have been following in the step of Professor Brian Cox. We have been discussing everything that we already know about Earth and Space, whilst also thinking about what  we would like to know in the future. These questions are going to help us develop our own scientific enquiries, helping us further our understanding of The Universe and beyond!


This week in our Science work, we have discussed the Geo and Heliocentric solar system and how views have evolved over time. We the decided to make our own model of the solar system in the form of an Orrery. We thought hard about the position, different sizes and appearance of each planet, with the aim of our models being as accurate as possible.

In P.E lessons we have been completing Multi-skills activities. We have been learning all about our ABC (Agility, Balance and Control!). We have been working together; encouraging each other at all times.
We have investigated how our shadows change through the day.  We applied our knowledge of the solar system to help us explain why the shadow changes position.  
Having looked at how the planets in the solar system orbit the Earth, we have studied the moon.  We have learnt the phases of the moon and why it appears to change shape.
In English we enjoyed reading 'Way Home' by Libby Hathorn.  We made predictions based on the front cover and where it might take place.  We looked at the main character, a boy called Shane, and about where he lived.   We looked at things from his perspective and thought about being homeless.  In the book, Shane had taken a cat.  We had a discussion about if this was the right thing to do and wrote a persuasive speech about giving the cat back.
We have studied the force of gravity in the solar system.  We had an in-depth discussion about forces and how they work.  
This week in multi-skills we were working on control of the ball and passing using hockey sticks.
We have looked at air resistance and how this force can slow down how things moved.  We planned and carried out a science experiment to see how to make the best parachute.  Some of us tested the effect of the size of the parachute and some of us investigated which material was best.