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Welcome to the St Mark's Prayer Corner


At St Mark’s, prayer forms part of our daily life. We believe that prayer equips our children to face any obstacle in life with the confidence of knowing that God is with them.


We invite you to read the prayers below (a new one will be uploaded every week). These prayers have been written independently by our children and we invite you to pray for our school community.

13.7.18 Written by Jorja Larkham and read by Bella Gifford


6.7.18 Written by Nathan Taylor and read by Anu Adekunle


22.6.18 Written by Jude Walker and read by George Russell


15.6.18 Written by Alexia Hughes


8.6.18 Written by Faith Zeiher


25.5.18 Written by Isla Vann


18.5.18 Written by Harriet Alsop


11.5.18 Written by Lydia Ford



4.5.18 Written by Bella Gifford 


 27.4.18 Written by Megan Baxter


20.4.18 Written by Tess Arden - Murphy


16.3.18 Written by Zack Rutter



9.3.18 Written by Sophie Green 




23.2.18 Written by Nathan Gillon



9.2.18  Written by Talyn Addison



2.2.18  Written by Ellie Slingerland


4.12.17  Written by Lilly Tomlinson


4.12.17  Written by the Whole School


24.11.17 Written by Connie Shepherd



17.11.17 Written by Bella Gifford



3.11.17 Written by Jude Walker


20.10.17 Written by Thomas Abbs




13.10.17 Written by Kadija Jallow



6.10.17 Written by Jazz Ford



29.9.17 Written by Bella Gifford



15.09.17 - Written by Jorja Larkham


Take a look at the prayers that were written over the academic year 2016/2017





7.7.17 Written by Jorja Larkham



29.6.17 - Written by Tamara Dlamini


9.6.17 - Written by Talyn Addison

5.5.17 - Written by Isabel Garner


5.5.17 - The whole school community offer this prayer to all our Year 6 pupils.


31.3.17 - Written by Grace Young


24.3.17 - Written by Stan-Luke Ford in response to the London Attack and Comic Relief.


3.2.17 - This week the Headteacher, Mrs Stocchetti, offered her special prayer to the children.


27th January 2017 written by Nathaniel Dance


20th January 2017 written by Bella Gifford


13th January 2017 Written by Isabel Bonnett


13th January 2017 Written by Rhynell Rusere


6th January 2017- Written by Stan-Luke Ford


16th December Written by Nathaniel Dance


9th December This week the children decided to turn our school creed into a prayer for our church during our weekly values worship, which we held in the church this week. We invite you to pray with us.


2nd December - Written by Poppy Rogers


25th November 2016 - Written by Nathan Gillon


18th November 2016 - Written by Ben Masters


11th November 2016 - Written by Tommy Oluwasona


4th November 2016 - Written by Abigail Rowe


21st October 2016 - Written by Ruairi Gifford


14th October 2016 - Written by Tamara Dlamini


 7th October 2016 - Written by Grace Young


  30th September 2016 - Written by Isabel Garner


    23.9.16 - Written by Duncan Cheung